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Hi loves!

Yaaaay!! I’ve finally purchased the bag I wanted for so long and I am beyond happy! If you follow me on Instagram and Snapchat you’ve probably seen this beauty already but of course I wanted to do a little outfit post with it (trust me, this will not be the only one..). So, let’s talk first about the experience of buying it. I bought the bag in Amsterdam at the Gucci store in the P.C. Hoofdstraat. Like a month ago I was in Amsterdam with my mom and Maxim (the girlfriend of my brother and my photographer hihi), we decided to go to the Gucci store because I knew already which one I wanted to buy. We went in to the store and I found really soon the bag that I thought I would want. So my first pick was the Gucci Marmont velvet (you know, with the golden dubbele GG). I really was convinced that I would going home with that bag. But, I picked it up and looked in the mirror. I really had my doubts when I saw it in the mirror. It is a nice bag, don’t get me wrong but I thought it was to heavy for a day bag and a night bag. I think it is more a night bag, but still it is a super nice bag and maybe it’s something for the future. So, the lady in de store saw that I was doubting and she said to me ‘Why don’t you try this bag?’ and she gave me the Gucci Dionysus. When I looked in the mirror I thought ‘Yes, this is it!’ but I really wanted the GG Marmont for so long. So my mom said to me, ‘You know what, we will come back another time so you can think about it which one you want.’ I thought that was a pretty good idea, so we went home that day without any bag. After a few weeks, I knew that I wanted the Gucci Dionysus. When we where at the store the other time, the lady who works there gave me her card and her personal nummer so I could send here a message if I had any questions about the bags. A few weeks later I knew which bag I wanted. My mom and I decided to go before my graduation. Because after all I gradueted and that had to be celebrated. We went to Amsterdam, in the mean while I had contact with the Gucci store because it would be pitty if we drove all the way to Amsterdam and the bag was out of stock. We enter the store en the staff was so so so nice. They really help you and have attention for you. I really felt comfortable, it was a experience that I will never forget.  

I will give you a little more info about my Gucci Dionysus bag. So as you can see the bag is almost fully covered with the Gucci monogram print. Many people dislike the print, but I’m kinda fell in love with it! But when I fist saw the bag I wasn’t really a big fan of it, later on when I saw the bag more often on Instagram and blogs I started liking the bag more and more. Of course I wanted to buy it, but it is not a cheap bag, you know.. I love everything about it; the color combination, the beige suede on the sides, the inside and the front and the tiger head closure. I’m just super in love with it and I am also super broke but who cares..

The dress I’m wearing is from Asos and my bag is Gucci (duh).

Thanks for reading! Love, B

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